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Nutrition for the Skin

At EJS Tanning Salon we feature a large variety of indoor tanning lotions such as Austrailian Gold, Designer Skin, Hempz, Swedish Beauty and Tan Inc.  Many of their lotions contain anti-aging and firming ingredients as well as French wine extracts that are potent antioxidants. We have found that their lotions have the best quality of skin care products. Their fragrances, such as warm sandalwood, Hawaiian ginger and coconut lime are not like any other tanning lotion that you have ever tried. Below is just a partial list of some of the fabulous ingredients that get you that sunkissed glow!

Aloe Vera Based — used for its moisturizing ability

L-Tyrosine — the amino acid that aids in melanin production

Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) — used for its ability to retain moisture in the skin

Vitamin A — essential nutrient necessary for healthy skin maintenance and repair; normalizes skin's texture; smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Vitamin E— anti-oxidant that aids in moisturizing the skin; helps prevent UV damage to the skin

Green Tea Extract — bioflavonoid rich, this is a powerful anti-oxidant; also help block cancer-promoting actions of UV light

Hemp Seed Oil — highest in essential fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties; restores hydration to skin; contains over 50% linoleic acid

Coenzyme Q-10 — powerful anti-oxidant that repairs cellular damage caused by free radicals such as UV exposure;also has anti-aging properties

White Tea Extract — anti-oxidant with anti-aging & anti-cancer benefits; limits cell damage caused by UV exposure

Soy — high in essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin